Agilysys survey shows cost-of-living impact on UK travellers

UK: Agilysys, a provider of hospitality software solutions, has released the findings of its 2023 UK Hospitality Impact Study which shows that 85 per cent of travellers have changed their holiday plans due to the cost-of-living crisis.

The study, which surveyed 1,000 travellers in the UK, reveals that almost half (44 per cent) have reduced their leisure spending in the last 12 months, with around one-third (36 per cent) reporting that their spending has remained the same. 

Respondents also cited taking fewer holidays (38 per cent) and taking shorter breaks (18 per cent), while two in five (41 per cent) have generally travelled less. 

Just 27 per cent of UK travellers have rebooked a hotel in the last year. When asked the reasons for rebooking, 48 per cent cited “an exceptional experience end-to-end” and 24 per cent said every touchpoint (staff, self-service and mobile) were tailored to personal preferences. 

When asked what would prompt a repeat booking, 64 per cent of respondents who did not return to the same hotel in the past year cited reducing wait times across all touch points. 62 per cent suggested tailored, personalised experiences, and 62 per cent said a strong loyalty program. 61 per cent of respondents reported that having the flexibility to manage their stay via hotel staff or via technology was important.

“Consumer economic concerns have escalated the need for hotels and resorts to provide a seamless guest experience through every touchpoint,” said Matthew Prosser, regional director UK, Agilysys. “While some tend to think this can be achieved through personal high-touch service alone, research shows the most impactful way to increase guest retention and returns is to combine technology advances with personal and attentive service so that guests are surrounded by choice, convenience and personalised encounters.

“Improving guest retention by as little as five per cent has been estimated to increase profits by as much as 25 per cent, according to Bain & Company, so it is essential that hoteliers understand why guests are not returning to their venues so they can address the problem,” Prosser added.

“The survey emphasises the need to create an exceptional experience for every guest, every chance a hotel gets. UK travellers have high expectations when it comes to personalisation and flexibility. Investing in the right technology platform is key to empowering staff to create unforgettable memories and building lasting connections with their guests. Hoteliers then can focus on developing brands that are well-loved by all guests, boosting return on experience in the form of positive reviews, return stays and, ultimately, high economic returns,” he said.

To download the full 2023 UK Hospitality Impact Study, click here. 

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