Alliants invests in immersive booking platform Travelvrse

UK: Customer experience platform Alliants has invested at pre-seed stage in immersive booking technology Travelvrse.

Travelvrse, planning to launch in Q1 2024, aims to create greater engagement with travellers to support direct booking strategies and ancillary revenue spend.

According to its website, Travelvrse will provide virtual city tours, digital twins and immersive training for travel agents, and plans to work with DMOs to showcase cities within the metaverse.

The company is a by-product of Travel Curious, a technology-led tours and activities provider.

Alex Hurd, founder of Travelvrse, said: “We are excited to be supported by Alliants as we help hotels resonate with younger audiences. Millennials and Gen Z are driving huge growth in the leisure travel industry but find the current 2D travel booking experience very time consuming. With Travelverse, audiences can try out landmarks before they travel and simulate fantastic experiences.”

Tristan Gadsby, CEO of Alliants, said: “At Alliants we believe that exceptional guest experience is the only way to drive true customer loyalty. This is true throughout the guest journey, before the guest even arrives at the property, beginning at the planning stage. Travelvrse creates an engaging, interactive way to showcase your hotel and encourage bookings, building a relationship between guest and hotel before they have stepped through the door.” 

Alliants joins web3/blockchain incubator Block Dojo in supporting the venture, alongside Travel Curious’ co-founders Amir Azulay and Alex Grant. 

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