Banyan Tree evolves brand name ahead of 2024 pipeline

Worldwide: Luxury hospitality company Banyan Tree Group has evolved its corporate brand to Banyan Group, ahead of the company’s 2024 pipeline of 19 global openings.

Banyan Group currently manages 12 global brands, 75 hotels and resorts, over 60 spas and galleries and 14 branded residences across 22 countries. 

As part of the group’s 2024 pipeline, 19 properties and residences located in Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Mexico will open.

Eddy See, president and CEO of Banyan Group, said: “As we celebrate the group’s 30th anniversary and its evolution into Banyan Group, this milestone is not only testament to the group’s enduring success in the hospitality industry but also sets the stage for an exciting future.

“This brand evolution reflects our portfolio transformation from a single luxury brand to the diverse offering we have today. Almost half of all countries we operate in carry a multi-branded presence, most of them high-growth travel destinations. With a keen eye on expansion, we are seizing new opportunities with our distinct brands, designed to meet evolving traveller preferences and needs in these dynamic markets.”

In 2024, Banyan Group will also align with United Nations Climate Science-based Targets to develop a 2030 Sustainability Roadmap that addresses both environmental and human capital development. Additional initiatives include a circularity pilot project.

Ren Yung Ho, SVP brand and commercial at Banyan Group, added: “As Banyan Group celebrates our collective success over the last 30 years, we also recognise that the progress can’t stop here. The core beliefs and values that have guided Banyan Group to this milestone will continue to underpin our growth strategy as we remain dedicated to being a force for positive change for both people and the planet.”

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