Duve buys Easyway to boost AI-driven guest experience

Israel: Tel Aviv-based guest experience platform Duve has announced the acquisition of Easyway, a hotel technology provider that offers a comprehensive guest messaging platform featuring AI agents based on generative AI.

The acquisition marks a significant milestone in the future of personalised hospitality technology and capitalises on both companies’ commitment to enriching guest experiences globally, while leveraging the “exciting” opportunities in generative AI for that purpose.

Founded in 2017, Easyway has established an advanced AI-agent platform for guest journey management which was adopted by hundreds of prestigious hotels and chains across Europe and Asia, revolutionising guest communication within the hospitality industry. Easyway’s first-of-its-kind generative AI for the hospitality industry has enhanced hotel operations, guest communication, and relationship building.

The purchase of Easyway by Duve is a strategic move to merge these technological advancements, aiming to combine Duve’s personalisation and segmentation capabilities, together with Easyway’s generative AI experience. It is also a move to transform how hoteliers and vacation rental property managers communicate with guests to elevate guest satisfaction to new heights, and to help hospitality experts worldwide to overcome the labour shortage.

David Mezuman, CEO and co-founder at Duve, said: “The decision to acquire Easyway, which has already successfully implemented generative AI capabilities, aligns with Duve’s long-time vision to lead the hospitality sector through technology. This acquisition is a great milestone for Duve and demonstrates a strategic step towards consolidating our position as a leader in the guest experience domain.

“Integrating Easyway’s generative AI expertise with our true end-to-end personalised guest management platform will immensely enhance our capabilities and service offerings to all of our existing and future customers,” he added.

Yaniv Holzer, co-founder and COO of Easyway, said: “Joining forces with Duve represents a significant moment in Easyway’s journey. Our shared vision of harnessing AI to redefine guest experience aligns perfectly, and together, we’re setting new benchmarks in the hospitality industry.

“We’re excited to integrate our strengths with Duve’s expertise, creating a powerhouse in hotel technology that will continue to lead and innovate,” added Holzer.

Shai Bar, co-founder and CTO at Duve, added, “Easyway has built an impressive AI and communications solution which has already proven itself across countless guest interactions and touchpoints, enhancing guest satisfaction and helping hoteliers save thousands of man-hours. We are excited to be working with Easyway and incorporating their solution into Duve’s all-in-one guest experience platform, further cementing our solution as the go-to for hotels worldwide.”

With the acquisition, Duve wants to establish a new standard in generative AI-driven guest experiences, significantly advancing the services provided to hoteliers and vacation rental hosts globally.

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