EEA and King’s Business School to launch ESG programme

UK: The Energy & Environment Alliance (EEA) in collaboration with King’s Business School will launch an ESG executive education programme this September for hospitality leaders.

The programme has been developed with input from over 40 senior hospitality leaders. The pandemic, recent energy price hikes, and the new IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards, were all reported as motivating factors to accelerate the progress on environmental measures.

Starting in September 2023, the programme will provide an overview of current and planned regulation as well as ESG reporting requirements, with emphasis on climate change and the industry’s social impact. 

It will also cover green financing, case studies, discussions, and guest speakers. The creation of an additional complimentary ESG course for general managers and hotel operating teams will form part of the programme. 

Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the EEA, said: “It’s inevitable that energy use and energy costs are much higher on the agenda given recent price increases. But COVID also played a part. Many hotels had zero occupancy, yet found they were still needing up to 60 per cent of their usual energy consumption just to prevent issues with damp and to maintain hygiene. The majority of investors in the sector believe that at least half of the measures needed to improve energy performance will involve capital expenditure. Taking the necessary steps may mean accessing new forms of green finance and there is a need for education if they are going to do so successfully.

“As a result, hospitality is becoming a more mainstream asset with scope to attract new investment and financing, as long as the industry can reliably convince investors of its long-term attractiveness, which increasingly means its ESG credentials.”

Giana Eckhardt, vice dean for engagement and executive education at King’s Business School, added: “It’s exciting to be offering a programme for a sector that has such a significant global impact and such a compelling and immediate opportunity for change. We are proud to work with the EEA to provide a programme that will forge a network of engaged, proactive industry leaders with the knowledge, connections and ambition to drive sustainable business practices forward across the sector.”

Further details on the Executive ESG Programme for Hospitality Leaders can be found here.

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