Guestline launches voucher and gifting platform GuestVoucher

Worldwide: Hotel operations platform Guestline has launched GuestVoucher, an integrated voucher and gifting platform for hoteliers to sell services, amenities and packages.

Hoteliers will now be able to sell personalised monetary and experience vouchers for guests to redeem against particular hotel services, or to use as an alternative to cash payments. Hoteliers can choose either monetary vouchers that have a cash redemption value or experience vouchers which can promote and encourage sales of packages or amenities available at the property.

The design of each voucher can be created in line with hotel branding, and hoteliers can set expiry dates, select preferred delivery methods, add separate subdomains and URLs which can be included on the main website, as well as select a preferred payment provider.

Jonathan Lee, product manager at Guestline said: “Vouchers have always been an important revenue stream for hoteliers. In launching GuestVoucher our ambition is to enable operators to extend their guest reach even further with an efficient, intuitive tool that can drive revenue and build guest loyalty.

“Ahead of the festive season gift vouchers are always a popular choice to treat loved ones and are an effective way for hoteliers to market seasonal packages and increase brand exposure during what is a competitive period for the industry. Alongside the templates, the reporting enables operators to track sales, redemptions and liabilities in real time so that any adjustments that need to be made in line with demand and operations can be done quickly and effectively. Guests will benefit from enhanced offers and experiences and operators can benefit from increased revenue, sales and guest loyalty.”

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