Selina introduces shareholders members program

Worldwide: Lifestyle hospitality company Selina has launched a members club program for its shareholders to receive benefits across the portfolio. 

The Selina Members Club features three membership tiers: Blue Moon, Pink Moon, and Black Eclipse. Eligibility for each tier is based on the number of shares held for a minimum of 90 days. 

Shareholders of Selina must verify their shares in US-based brokerage accounts using an online portal. Upon verification, shareholders are enrolled in the relevant tier and will receive an email confirming membership and how to redeem the benefits associated with each tier. 

Benefits include accommodation and food and beverage discounts, room upgrades, complimentary breakfasts, access to co-working spaces, and exclusive event invitations. Additional benefits include accruing more points on stays, late checkouts, and free room upgrades.

Rafael Museri, Selina’s CEO and co-founder, said: “Today, investing extends beyond the balance sheet. It’s a reflection of personal values and aspirations. The Selina Members Club allows our eligible shareholders to become part of the Selina community, experiencing firsthand the lifestyle that defines our brand. This reciprocal relationship deepens our connection with shareholders and elevates our brand in the experiential hospitality market.”

Sam Khazary, EVP and global head of corporate development at Selina, said: “The Selina Members Club is not only a strategic move to strengthen relationships with customers who are also shareholders; it serves as an expression of gratitude for their steadfast support. As we tread a new path in the experiential hospitality market, our shareholders form a vital part of our community.

“We extend a special thank you to retail focused investor relations agency, Equity Animal, along with our technology partner, Stakeholder Labs, for their collaboration in creating the Selina Members Club,” Khazary added.

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