The Social Hub launches TSH Talent Foundation

The Netherlands: Hybrid hospitality brand The Social Hub has created the TSH Talent Foundation, a nonprofit to support and empower individuals across Europe.

The Social Hub will distribute one per cent of its annual turnover to the TSH Talent Foundation. Activities will launch in September 2024 with a pan-European scholarship scheme.

The Changemaker Scholarship Programme will support 75 individuals. It is based on a pilot rolled out in 2023-24, where 14 individuals across India, Lebanon and Ukraine lived and studied in TSH properties around Europe.

Individuals on the 2024-25 programme will receive all-inclusive accommodation, participation in professional development, mentoring and volunteering opportunities, community-building activities, mental and physical support services, and more.

In the future, the Foundation will also seek to create programmes in collaboration with institutions, companies, individuals, and other nonprofits.

Charlie MacGregor, founder and CEO of The Social Hub said: “At The Social Hub, each year we welcome people from over 100 nationalities including professionals, students, hotel guests and locals. With our first scholarship programme, to this community we will add underrepresented students who traditionally wouldn’t be able to gain access to higher education and accommodation in major European cities. With the TSH Talent Foundation we are honoured to be leading our industry in putting our money where our beliefs are and we hope to inspire more of our peers to put purpose into action.”

Frank Uffen, The Social Hub’s managing director of community and partnerships, will become chairman of TSH Talent Foundation. He said: “Through the TSH Talent Foundation we will offer a unique, transformative experience to talented and motivated individuals. We aim to fulfil this promise through programmes that hope to foster their empathy and unlock their full potential to contribute to a more equitable, inclusive and peaceful world. I look forward to setting up the organisation over the coming months and connect with like-minded foundations, institutions, companies and individuals interested in collaborating to build our initiatives.” 

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