Thursday 29 February 14:00 GMT – Empowering staff with technology to deliver exceptional guest experiences

Hosted by BHN editor – hospitality, Eloise Hanson

In partnership with Agilysys

Unlocking guest loyalty and bridging the rebooking gap 

Just 27 per cent of UK travellers rebooked a hotel in the last year. At a time when purse strings are tight, Return on Experience (RoE) has never been more important. This webinar will explore the role PMS can play in helping hoteliers to boost guest loyalty and bridge the guest retention gap.

You will discover:

• How UK travellers have adapted their holiday plans during 2023
• How hoteliers can look to boost guest retention in the future
• The role of PMS in empowering staff to deliver exceptional guest experiences
• The role of PMS in creating a seamless guest experience across every touchpoint

Learn insights from:

• Matthew Prosser, senior sales director, Agilysys

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